Show your Instagram photos

Now you can finally link your Instagram feed and share your photos you publish on Instagram, even on Babiry.These images will appear in the timeline of your diary.

To manage Instagram accounts, start by going to your homepage of your diary so you can see the timeline. To the right of the timeline there is a small gear, click on it to open a popup window. Here you will see existing Instagram accounts that you have linked to your diary and from which images will be displayed. Click the Instagram button to add a new Instagram account. A new box will open and you will be able to log in to your Instagram account and we will ask you if we have the right to view your photos. Note, this happens directly on Instagram, we can not see your information(password) when you log in to your Instagram account.
You can delete a linked account at any time by clicking the cross-icon after the account you want to remove. Then we will immediately stop showing new photos from this Instagram account. 

We are working on several new functions and hope that these will soon come out. Do you miss something or have found something that does not work properly? Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Welcome to Babiry!

After several years of work, it’s finally time to open the door to Babiry. A portal where you can create a diary for free and tell your friends what's happening in your family.

You can create photo albums and upload photos. Add your children and record their height and weight and what progress they make. If you are curious about what our diaries look like, here's an example.

You can also create different groups, such as a group for your particular location. In each group you can also create different rooms where you can discuss different topics, such as school dates and deadlines, upcoming holiday celebrations, etc.

Babiry depends on your ideas

Babiry is not fully developed yet, but is constantly being updated with the help of our users. It's you who decide what new features you want. We always welcome tips and suggestions about features you would like to see on the page. We also want to find out what you think is less helpful on the page and how we can improve these things.


Babiry is very interested in partnering with entrepreneurs and individuals. If you want to advertise or otherwise help with anything, just  contact us.

Babiry in several languages

Babiry is currently available in English only. However, we have a sister page called Barndagboken. This page works exactly like Babiry, the only difference is that the Barndagboken is in Swedish. If you create a diary at Babiry, the users at Barndagboken can also visit it.