Common questions and answers


Does it cost anything to become a member?

No, it costs nothing to become a member and it will always be free.

How well protected is my password on Babiry?

Your password is stored one-way encrypted ie password is encrypted in a way that makes it impossible to decrypt the password. If you forget your password, we will not be able to send your current password we have to generate a new one for you.

Why must I enter my email address?

For us to be able to contact you for example, if you have forgotten your password or other important times when we need to reach you.
We will never send out something that you have not elected to receive.

Will my email address be sold or used for promotional purposes?

No, we will never sell your email address or some way use it for advertising purposes.

I have forgotten my password

No problem. You can order a new password here. We will send out a link to your specified email address where you can change to a new password.

How do I change my profile picture?

You can change your profile picture in account settings.

Can I change my username?

To change the username is something we do not normally allow. Please contact support, tell us why you want to change the username and to what than we'll see if it's possible.

Can I change my email-address?

Yes, you change your email address in account settings.

I want to close my account. How do I do that?

To close your account, please contact support.


How do I change the background-color of my diary?

To change the background-color, go to the Appearance and on the page, locate Background Settings. There you have the possibility to choose a background-color for your diary.

How do I change the background-image of my diary?

To change the background-image, go to the Appearance and on the page, locate Background. There you have the ability to upload your own background-image.
When you upload a background-image, you have the opportunity to determine whether the image should be repeated or not.

How do I change my profile picture to my diary?

To change the profile picture of your diary, go to the Appearance and locate Avatar. There you have the ability to upload a new image, or remove existing.

How do I change the header-image of my diary?

You click on your diary, you have not uploaded a main image already, click on the header of the page. If you not already have uploaded a main image, hold the mouse pointer over the image, an icon pops up in the right corner where it says, "Change cover". Click there to get the ability to upload a new image.
NOTE: For best resolution use dimensions, width 1110px and height 300px. The image must be at least 800px wide and 150px high.

Can I protect my diary and decide who can read it?

You can decide how open you want your diary to be. In settings following options:

Only open for me
Only you and any co-owner has the right to read the diary.
The diary will not be visible to visitors.

Open to all visitors
The diary is open to all visitors, whether they are logged onto the page or not.

Password protected
To visit the diary visitor must enter a password that you have chosen. Without this password, visitors will not be able to read your diary.

Only open for members
Only authenticated users have permission to read your diary.

NOTE: The name, description and avatar is public information and readable for visitors. When your diary is private, even this information is hidden.

What is a VIP membership and what does it mean?

A VIP membership gives you access to additional features and a larger storage space for your pictures. With a VIP membership you also contributes to Barndagbokens further development.
You can learn more here what is included in a VIP membership.

How do I get a VIP membership for my diary?

For more information about VIP membership read this. We use Paypal as a payment option.


How do I add a child to my diary?

Click Children in the menu. Then click on the button, "Register children".
A box will appear where you enter the child's name and birth date. You also have the option to upload a profile picture of the child.

How do I add height and weight for a child?

Click Children in the menu. Then click on the child you want to add height and weight to. On the next page, click on the tab "Height and weight".
Here you can see what you has saved and you can add new.
When you add new, you must specify the date, length and weight.

How do I add a progress for my child?

Click Children in the menu. Then click the child you want to add progress. Under the tab, "Progress", you see the progress you have saved. You are also able to delete and edit the saved progress.
When you add a new progress, you must enter a date and a title. If you want you can describe the progress more in the description box.

Photo album

How do I create a photo album?

Click Album in the menu. Then click "Create Album". In the box that appears, you need to enter a title for your album that you want to create. You are also able to describe the album further.

How do I upload photos to my albums?

You click on one of your Album that you have created. Inside the album, click on the green button "Upload photos". You will see a box where you can drag and drop your photos to upload. You can also click on the blue button, "Select images" to select pictures to upload.

Can I import images from my Facebook account and share it with my diary?

Yes, you can import photos from Facebook. You can also import images from your Dropbox account. If you go to the album you want to import images into so is there a button "Import photos." There is the option to choose where you want to import your pictures.

Can I upload videos?

No, this feature is not yet at Babiry, but it's something we're working on and hope to have the opportunity to offer innom near future.

How many photos can I upload to a photo album?

There is no limit on how many photos you can upload in a album.
There is a limit on how many photos you can upload totally in your diary. How many images it depends on how big the images are. But around 100 images on a free account.


What is a group?

A group is a sort of meeting place where you can invite friends and discuss various topics.

How do I create a group?

In the menu click, Groups. On this site is a button, "Create a group".
When you click the button, a box will appear where you can enter the title for the group as well as an address you want to group.
You are also able to determine how open your group should be.

Can I protect a group?

Yes, you can determine how open the group should be. You do this when you create the group or on the group setting page.
You can choose from the following options:

Open to all
All visitors can read this group and see the members.

Only for members
All logged-in users can read this group and see the members.

Only group members
Only group members can see posts and other members.

How do I find which groups I have joined?

Click on Groups in the menu.


I have an idea for a new feature I miss on Babiry

Contact us and tell us about your idea or what you want to change. We are open to any suggestions for changes.

I've found something inappropriate at Babiry. How do I abuse?

Contact us and tell us what you feel is inappropriate and tell on which side you found it.