Babiry - What is this?


Create your own diary and share what's happening in your family's life.

Photo album

Create albums, take pictures, and upload them all to one place. You can create as many albums as you want.


Add baby's weight and height and track them on graphs

What can i do on Babiry?


When you create an account at Babiry, a diary will be created for you where you can tell your friends what's happening in your family.
You can add pictures and tag children in the diary posts.
Within each post, you can also allow visitors to post comments.

Photo album

You are able to create photo albums where you upload pictures and show them to your visitors.
You can also tag the children who are in the pictures.

Child's page

When you add a child to your diary, the child will receive their own page. On this page, there is a timeline of different events in the child's life. It can be anything from when the child begins walk to what it weighs on specific dates.


Let your visitors comment, give you rice or praise, in the guestbook.

Style your diary

You have modify the appearance of your diary to suit your tastes. You can choose the background color, upload a background image, and choose a main image that is visible at the top of the diary.

Protect your diary

You can decide who will be reading your diary. You can choose to have it completely open to everyone, password protected, keep it open for members or have it completely private (only you can read it).

Visitor statistics

As a diary owner, you also have the opportunity to see how many people visit your diary every day.


A group is a place where you can invite friends to discuss different topics.
In each group you can create different rooms, for example, discuss school activities.

User profile

When you create an account at Babiry, you will receive, in addition to a diary, a user profile. This is what will be displayed when you are commenting on a guestbook.

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